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How to Decide Between Multiple Offers on your property?

What a fantastic dilemma is this to choose between multiple offers! However, sometimes the highest bid may not necessarily be the best. This is an area that your real estate consultant can intervene in as you weigh the two alternatives:

1. Financing - Can the buyer provide proof from the bank that there are funds to back the offer? Or your agent can explain to you the financing terms of potential buyers.

2. Motivation - What is the motivation of the buyers? Do they have family nearby, or a new job, for example? This extra motivation in buying the property may tend in your favour and are less likely to press for concessions to close the deal

3. Timeline - make sure that all proposals have a closing date. So, you can choose the one that best meets your deadline.

Sometimes weighing the pros and cons of proposals can be delicate. A real estate agency, such as Casas do Barlavento, can help you calculate, clarify and make sure you get the best deal.