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Noise Regulation

You think your neighbours are the only ones with no idea how loud they are? You’re wrong, this is a more common problem than you think. Know all the laws related to noise regulation, and know how to correctly act.




When we live in a building, it is normal to hear unwanted noises coming from neighbouring apartments. Whether it is noise from works or late parties, there are laws that safeguard the welfare and health of the owners.


Surely, it has already happened to you to have to do works either to remodel or to fix some area of your house. To act correctly towards all your neighbours, you should post a note in advance in a common area to all the condominium members. It should inform the expected time of the work, and the periods in which the greatest noise will occur. During the period of 8.00 pm until 8.00 am it is prohibited to do works that generate noise. Only urgent works that do not compromise the well being of your neighbours are allowed, at not-fixed times.


In case of violation of these laws, a fine is charged:

  • For individuals, from 200€ to 2 000€
  • For legal persons, from 3 000€ to 22 500€


Do you have young neighbours who like to party late? Or neighbours who clean the house at night? Know all the related laws to the unnecessary noise, know how to defend yourself. First of all, you must alert all your neighbours that the time to avoid making noise is between 23.00pm and 07.00 am. You should have a sincere conversation and explain that they’re making too much noise at an inappropriate time. If the dialogue doesn't work, you should call the PSP or GNR, depending on your residence area, to set a deadline for the end of the noise. The authorities must refer the case to the town hall if this deadline is exceeded, to collect the amount of the fine.


In case of violation of these laws, a fine is charged:

  • Fines from 200€ to 2 000€


In the summer, in Portugal there are many parties held on the street or in large spaces that amplify the sound of music. These situations can be annoying if you are not on vacation. Naturally, there are permits for the typical noise of these celebrations, which are passed by the city hall. In these cases, if the law is not respected, you may ask for police intervention, and the intervening people may pay a fine of 3 000€ to 22 500€.


If you need to make an acoustic measurement, always contact IPAC and know which companies are accredited to do it. There are cases where the measurements are free. If the building has commercial establishments that make a considerable level of noise, you can request a free acoustic measurement from the town hall near your residence.


Ensure the well-being of your neighbours so that they also do so for you. Avoid making unnecessary noise within quiet hours. All residents of your building and neighbouring buildings should be alerted if you start construction work.