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09, aug 21 | Reading: 8 min.

Think you know what a real estate agent does? Think again

Plans are built based on each person's dreams. Buying a house is a common goal in Portugal. Being one of the countries in the European Union where most houses are bought, the percentages are slightly higher than in other countries of the continent. The achievement of obtaining a home is nothing more than one of the most favourable investments in the current economy.


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The arduous task of looking for the ideal house, understanding the hierarchy of actions to take, knowing all the bureaucracy shouldn't be the work of one person. Property consultants are your best bet to avoid unpleasant surprises and to get the house of your dreams. The professional vision of a real estate agent is indispensable to guarantee a fast and safe investment.


Do you know the work real estate agent performs? You have already realised that their purpose may help you with the most important decision of your life, but do you know how? Learn some trivia and significant information about this profession and understand the reason for the success of each done deal.



What does a property consultant?

It is natural to generally conclude that the duties of the real estate consultant, is that he sells or finds your property. Although this is the client’s expectation, these are not the only purposes of the profession. A real estate consultant divides his duties into four stages:


  1. Prospecting

Prospecting is the core function of any real estate consultant. The real estate agent must study the field over an extended period and then analyse it frequently. The real estate market fluctuates, so it is incumbent on the consultant to keep this in mind and anticipate all changes in the sector in relation to the area in which he operates.


What can influence wither in the end it will be a good or bad deal will be knowledge! Thus, monitoring house prices, the most sought-after house types and characteristics, understanding the lifestyle of the area of a particular property, insight into where good business opportunities exist are the recipe for a successful business.



  1. Listing new properties

The daily routine of a real estate consultant involves finding new properties. It is a task that requires consistency, daily rigour, and is an essential part of the success of this profession. This is the only way to have an abundant portfolio ready for any request, from the most specific to the simplest.


When a consultant contacts you to start selling your house, the first steps are the evaluation of the property, a presentation of services, and the benefits of working with a professional consultant.  You will also be presented with the marketing plan, without which it would be impossible to close the deal in record time.


Casas do Barlavento have a free property evaluation service. Contact us for more information.



  1. Sale

When a homeowner sets out on their own to sell or buy a property, it is at this stage that they understand how essential it is to have a professional by their side. The legal aspects of buying and selling a house can become complicated for those who have never done this before. It is essential to know the documents and the processes of selling or buying a property. The presence of a real estate consultant is an asset to avoid delays or other problems associated with the bureaucracy of this kind of business.



What is the difference between a real estate agent and a property consultant?

In the beginning, in Portugal, the name of this profession was simply property salesman. This title fell far short of the real importance of this profession and was seen as a minor profession by society. In fact, the seller of the property had to be the owner of the house and never a third party, therefore due to the inconsistency of this definition it eventually fell into disuse. It was in the 90s that the new name of Real Estate Consultant was chosen to represent the sector and make it easier for clients to understand the roles.


After thirty years, the name “Property Consultant” is still widely used, and it makes perfect sense! Part of job’s functions involves consultancy, although this will not be a service charge at the end of each deal.   In the early 2000s, the name "real estate agent" imported from America, began to be used on a global scale with greater frequency in real estate franchising companies. Although some companies were reluctant to use this designation, it is common to hear, in Portugal and other countries, the employee being referred to as a real estate agent.


There is still a third definition: real estate mediator, which is understood to be the person who is in charge of promoting the property to potential clients.


In conclusion, there is no more correct term than another to refer to this profession. It involves various tasks and perhaps for this reason, it needed new titles to enable society to understand the duties and importance of a real estate consultant, agent or mediator.



How do I know if an estate agent is trustworthy?

As one of the most significant stages in life, it is essential to get an agent you can trust and guarantee that the work will be carried out with the utmost professionalism. The first impression counts, and it is at this point that you must decide if you want to continue the process with this real estate agent. Pay attention to all the signs. The agent should understand all your needs and demonstrate that he is accessible for the whole process. Only then will you finally be able to live in the house of your dreams.

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Firstly, book a meeting with a real estate agent who has a good knowledge of the area where you intend to purchase your house. Remove all doubts and in relations to the process and inquire as to what services are included in the contract. It is important to certify that the real estate agent has a professional license and is connected to a reputable agency. Nowadays, it is easy to ascertain if an agency is serious about its work from the reviews it obtains on the internet.


Casas do Barlavento work with experienced property consultants, with in-depth knowledge of the area, and above all, with a huge passion to achieve our clients' goals. Meet our property consultants and the rest of the team at our offices in Lagos and Alvor here.



What services are provided by a real estate agency?

More than helping you buy or sell a property; real estate agents exist to support you in one of the most important decisions of your life. With the vast knowledge of this market, a real estate consultant will always advise you to follow a prosperous route. In the buying and selling process, even if this is the first house the client buys, he will feel safe with the support in all decisions. The real estate consultant will have the market know-how and access to the values practised in the defined area. Armed with this knowledge, the client will always have up-to-date information needed for a successful final deal.


At Casas do Barlavento, the support in the buying or sale of a property is just one of the functions performed in our offices. If you buy a property in the Algarve and live outside the country or miles away, Casas do Barlavento offers a property management service. It ensures the payment of invoices, cleaning, maintenance and even promotes holiday rentals if you wish. In addition to this service, there is also a condominium management service, which assists with the cleaning, management of payments, mediation of any conflicts and all aspects inherent to the building's condominium. Learn more details about these two services.


Finally, you can rent your holiday home in the westernmost part of the Algarve, we have a team dedicated exclusively to the market which is another service provided by us.   The team will support you from your search, to the last day of your holiday in the Algarve. Find holiday rental properties on our website.


How to sell your property faster?

The anxiety of putting your property on the market and seeing results right away can be stressful, but rewarding if everything goes as you expect. At Casas do Barlavento we have a multidisciplinary team that guarantees a fast and transparent property sale.


The correct property value will be our first piece of advice, the right price will make all the difference in speeding up the sale. If you are in doubt with regard to the property value calculations, don't worry, our consultants have the necessary knowledge and will advise you at this stage.


The sales process then goes to a marketing team where professional property photos and videos will be recorded and later distributed on a national and international basis via digital channels. The detailed description of the divisions of the property as well as the surrounding area is another detail that deserves all the attention of the communication and marketing department of Casas do Barlavento.   In most cases, we have the right buyers for each property in our portfolio, so the property's time on the market is short.


Finally, our real estate consultant will accompany the property transaction to the new owner. We explain which documents will be required as well as the process of the deed. You will never feel alone at this meaningful stage of your life.


We believe that when you know a sector well, in this case, the real estate sector, everything becomes more enlightened and eventually more reliable to the point of realizing that hiring a real estate agent is the best choice to sell or buy a house.


Casas do Barlavento have been operating in the Western Algarve for over 15 years, always with the same focus, helping our clients to achieve their dreams! Contact us.