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Questions & Answers - New Support Programme for More Efficient Buildings

Is your dream to have a more efficient home? Get to know that since September 7, there is a new government measure that supports your decision.


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Clarify all your doubts about this new support implemented on September 2, through the following questions and answers:



What is the aim of the new Government programme?


The new support programme for more sustainable buildings, promoted by the Government through the Environmental Fund, aims to improve the energy efficiency of houses built before 2006 in Portugal. The main objective will be to meet the targets of the National Energy and Climate Plan 2021 - 2030, which aims to reach 35% of energy efficiency in the next ten years.



What is the support value for each owner?


The support from the Environmental Fund is 4.5 million euros in total, with 1.75 million euros available this year and the remaining 2.75 million euros delivered in the next year 2021. Each owner can receive the co-payment rate of 70% of the value, with a limit of 7,500 euros per house, for a total of two houses per individual.



What is the deadline for the application?


The support programme for more efficient homes opened the applications on September 7, ending on December 31, 2021. As mentioned above, the support covers EUR 4.5 million, so the final deadline for applications may change if the monetary fund ends before the deadline.



Who can benefit from this support?


First of all, the owners must be identified in the Caderneta Predial Urbana (Fiscal Number from the local Tax Office) or have a proof of the legal use of the house. This measure is intended only for private owners, businesses owners are excluded. Houses without proper habitability conditions, unoccupied dwellings, houses built after 2006 and all dwellings in the regions of Madeira and the Azores are not eligible for this support.

The buildings covered by permanent or second homes are single-family buildings, self-contained units in multi-family buildings or multi-family buildings.



Which projects benefit from the new support measure?


  • Energy-efficient Windows A+.
  • Thermal insulation of eco-friendly materials or recycled materials, on indoor and outdoor roofs or floors, as well as on indoor and outdoor walls.
  • Air and water cooling and heating systems using renewable energy A+ class.
  • Photovoltaic panels and other renewable energy production equipment for own consumption.
  • Replacement of water equipment by more efficient water equipment such as taps, flushing systems, pressure reducers, flow regulators.
  • Introduction of biomaterials, recycled materials, natural-based solutions, green facades and roofs and bioclimatic architecture solutions.




When do you get the incentive?


The Environmental Fund will grant the incentive after the purchase and assembly of the equipment or incorporation of the materials. The payment receipt and photographic evidence before and after the construction works will then be requested. The payment receipts submitted must be dated after September 7, 2020, on behalf of the owner applying for this measure.




If you want to start by replacing the windows, please be aware that only a few manufacturers/installers will be able to issue the certificate to receive this support. See the companies with the CLASS+ label, here. Access to the Regulation with the new measure, here.



Will always be a benefit for those waiting for the best opportunity to renovate the house with more efficient materials and equipment. Is undoubtedly an advantage for the environment, and the water and electricity invoices significantly reduced. If in the future you decide to sell your house, know that by having good results in the energy certificate, the final value of the property will increase.



Get to know all the details regarding the Energy Certificate, here.