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08, mar 23 | Reading: 8 min.

Digital Nomad Visa – Algarve | Casas do Barlavento

If you are fortunate enough to have a job that does not require you to be physically present in an office and allows you to choose where you work, then this topic is important to you. Those who have the privilege of travelling while working want to feel welcome in the country that is temporarily hosting them. This was one of the motivations behind the new visa introduction for digital nomads in Portugal. Even during the pandemic, several countries implemented new visas to assist remote workers and slow travellers. The measure arrived too late in Portugal but is still valid because many people have remained in the remote work phase.


article cover image: Digital Nomads Visa - Algarve. Several people are working at wooden tables with laptops in a coworking space in the image.

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When did the new visa for digital nomads come into force in Portugal?


The new visa for digital nomads came into force in Portugal at the end of October 2022. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in just two and a half months, around 200 people have already registered for this new visa, which is aimed at remote workers. The main nationalities that have applied for this visa are Brazil, the United States of America and the United Kingdom.


For who is the digital nomad visa?


This new visa is intended for workers outside the European Union and the European Economic Area (Schengen Area) who wish to work abroad from Portugal. These workers must therefore carry out a remote activity outside the national territory and also ensure that their income is four times the Portuguese minimum wage, i.e., they must earn at least €2,820. The latest digital nomad visa has a maximum duration of one year and is the best option for those who want to enjoy the living conditions (low cost of living), mild climate and landscapes of Portugal.


Until October 2022, there was no easy way for these workers to enter Portugal to work remotely. For digital nomads, it was common to use a tourist visa or the D7 visa model. The well-known tourist visa is valid for up to 90 days and can be used to spend holiday time, work seasonally, visit relatives, or conduct business. The D7 visa is valid for four months upon entry into the country, after which the individual must apply for a residence permit at the SEF. After this step, the person can stay in Portugal for up to two years, and the residence permit application can be extended up to three times. This visa is for retired people or people with income who can prove it to the SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras).


article image: Digital Nomad Visa - Algarve. In the image is a digital nomad sitting at the airport, waiting for his flight time.

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What is the purpose of introducing the visa for digital nomads?


As mentioned earlier, before the introduction of this new visa for remote workers, there was no clear alternative for this community. Digital nomads had to rely on visas that were not adapted to their needs. Now they can stay for a limited time and are legally protected, pay only 20% tax and have access to various public services.


What are the requirements for obtaining a digital nomad visa?


First, this visa can be obtained through the Portuguese consulates or the Aliens and Borders Department. Some documents are required to obtain this visa, and the collection may vary depending on the professional situation of the digital nomad.


If the worker has an employment contract, must present the following documents

- Employment contract;

- Commitment to the employment contract;

- Employer's statement proving the employment relationship.


If it is a self-employed professional activity, the following documents may be required for the issuance of the visa for digital nomads in Portugal:

- Partnership contract;

- Contract for the provision of services;

- Written proposal for a contract for the provision of services;

- Document proving the services rendered.


In addition to any of these documents, you must also provide the following:

- Proof of average monthly income earned in the last three months, equivalent to at least four guaranteed minimum monthly salaries.

- Document proving tax residence.


article image: Digital Nomad Visa - Algarve. Two United States of America passports are shown on a laptop computer in the image.

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Can the Portuguese also benefit from the digital nomad visa?


Portuguese people can also benefit from this scheme if they have not been tax residents in Portugal for the last five years. This is good news for those who have emigrated and now see the possibility of returning to their hometown with the right to tax benefits without leaving the company abroad.


Additional benefits have been promised in connection with this new measure for those who choose the country's interior as a temporary place of residence to work remotely. This benefit has yet to be implemented, but as Minister Rita Marques stated at the most recent Web Summit, new measures will be released soon on this subject.



Why should digital nomads choose Portugal as their destination?


Remote workers can choose any place to work. The fact that they are not tied to an office for the standard 8 hours is one of the benefits that digital nomads have sought so much in this system. The ability to travel to new destinations, flexible working hours and a balance between personal and professional life are also some of the factors that are attracting more and more people to join this system. But what makes so many people choose Portugal as their second home for a year?


The comfort, low cost of living, safety, gastronomy and friendliness of the Portuguese may be the reason why so many nomads choose this country, but other experiences attract these temporary residents.


The beaches and coastal towns are unsurpassed in their beauty and are also interesting for digital nomads to explore on their days off or during their breaks at work. Portuguese gastronomy is another draw for these remote workers. The fresh flavours and the simple but tasty recipes could be the motto for new experiences such as cooking classes, tastings among friends and visits to local markets.


Portugal has a rich history and culture, and for this reason, there are numerous sights, museums and festivals that take place throughout the year. Outdoor activities or adventure sports such as surfing, hiking or golf are very popular, and the climate is favourable.


Coworking places are also among the topics sought by digital nomads. There are more and more spaces for remote work in the Algarve to satisfy the most recent workers in the region.


article image: Digital Nomad Visa - Algarve.  A couple is walking on the sand at Arrifana beach in the Algarve.

Photo by Leon Bublitz – Unsplash


What are the coworking spaces in the Algarve?


If you have never heard of these places, you should know that they are shared workspaces where people from different companies work in a common space. The space can have shared desks or private rooms, a dining area and high-speed internet access. The goal of creating these spaces is to bring together people who share similar ideas in one location, thereby creating a community. Coworking spaces cater primarily to freelancers, digital nomads, and start-ups. Coworking spaces are mainly aimed at freelancers, digital nomads or start-ups.


If you're thinking about spending a season in the Algarve, there are some coworking spaces in the Western Algarve in the main towns, close to various amenities like shops, restaurants, and the region's famous beaches. In Lagos, you will find some coworking spaces in the Lagos Digital Nomads community. In the city of Portimão, there are three collaborative workspaces in central points of the city, namely the HUB Ativo, CoCreate and AllWorkPortimão.



Would you like to rent a house in Lagos or Portimão?


Casas do Barlavento will help you to enjoy your digital nomad visa stay even before you arrive in Portugal. We have several houses available for short-term rental in both cities, where you can join a coworking community. Every holiday rental has everything you need for your daily life, just like your home.


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Portugal has finally introduced the long-awaited visa that allows remote workers to enter the country. Now it is easier to enter the country for a year, benefit from the measures included in the visa for digital nomads and enjoy the low cost of living, safety, gastronomy and friendliness of the Portuguese. If you are looking for a house to rent temporarily in the Algarve, talk to us, we have the right one for you.