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Casas do Barlavento acquires customers data base

“Casas do Barlavento” starts off 2016 with the acquisition of “Algarve Independent” customer data base, reinforcing the strategy and positioning in Alvor, where is based one of its offices. 

This decision, starting to be planned in the end of the previous year but only implemented in the 1st January 2016, boosted “Casas do Barlavento” fast-growth and embodied the new clients in the company’s performance parameters, namely concerning to a «wider reaching websites for rentals, in-house fiscal representation service/ tax advice and an extensive experience in dealing with the administration of condominiums». 

“Algarve independent” team was integrated in “Casas do Barlavento”, which operates in Alvor by the trademark “Algarve Real Estate centre”, where has taken place a different office, with new décor and a more extensive team.

“Casas do Barlavento” ended the year with reinforced optimism, not only because of its repositioning in Alvor, but also due to the expectation of a growing-fast year, in a particular context in which «Portugal has all the conditions to have a 2016 plenty of records», as stated the Portuguese president of tourism to “Lusa” agency. 

The “Casas do Barlavento” real estate agency started the activity in May 2003 and, five years later (2008), bought the trademark “Algarve Real Estate Centre”. The beginning of 2016 marks “Casas do Barlavento” performance at the strategic level, reinforcing its position in Alvor real estate market.

The managing-director of “Casas do Barlavento”, Luis Ledo, revealed the intention to «congratulate the ex- managing director of “Algarve Independent”, Eileen Bannister, in her return to the UK, after nineteen years of residency in Portugal».