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Do You Know How We Sell Your Home on the Internet?

In this article, we will reveal some steps we take when selling your home on the internet. Today, it is one of the fastest ways and where there is a higher percentage of demand for houses, where 92% of buyers do the first survey. After the worldwide experience of 2020, many people started buying online without ever being in the property in question. Never before has the Internet been so relevant in every sector, and exactly for that reason, Casas do Barlavento is strongly committed to this media.


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Let us unveil some details of how we highlight your property on the internet:





It is through our ads that the potential buyer understands the property’s characteristics and reaches the real estate agency to schedule a visit. All our ads highlight the best house details, the ones that will captivate the buyer.


The house description, i.e., the text, is a reinforcement to the images accompanying the advertisement. The text should have a short title, but summarise the main attributes such as location, typology and whether it is a flat or a villa. The title is then followed by two paragraphs, responsible for grabbing the reader’s attention. In these paragraphs, we make a house summary and unveil all its valences, especially those that aren’t noticeable through photos or video. The storytelling ability is crucial in an ad, where the buyer will have to imagine himself living in that house while reading the description. The description has the details of each room in the house, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, whether it is furnished and equipped, whether it has a garage and how many cars it fits, or whether it has storage rooms or pantries.


When you buy a house, you don’t only consider the property itself, but also the area in which it is located. Because it is equally important, we make a summary of the surrounding area, detailing all nearby facilities, such as supermarkets, banks or post offices.


All ads are available on our website, in a specific area for home search, here. The ads are then published on our social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin) and national and international property sales portals.





The images are the first trigger to create curiosity in the possible buyer. An ad without photos will hardly grab anyone’s attention, and an ad with professional photos will make all the difference! This small but huge detail stands out from the rest by demonstrating professionalism and commitment to selling.


It is through photographs that the buyer will notice the spaciousness and ambient light of the house. However, the house will have to be prepared in advance, the lights on, the curtains and blinds open and then a first study of the best angles is done. The photos will help you understand the space, and the number of photos will depend on the size of the rooms and the total of them. Regarding the exterior, the easiest way to show it will be through aerial photography or video.


Finally, there is the phase of selecting the best photographs and editing them. The goal of this editing process is not to change the appearance of the house itself, but rather retouch lighting and other small aspects if necessary. Some belongings that identify the owner, such as family photos, are blurred to ensure their privacy.





Online actions are studied and planned to reach the right target audience. These strategies include searching for new trends and using keywords that direct content to potential buyers, through social networks and platforms aimed at the real estate sector.


First of all, the virtual strategy involves a digital marketing multidisciplinary team that ensures the quality of all necessary parameters for selling your house through the internet. Afterwards, the possible buyer will communicate with the experienced team of real estate agents, with whom he will be able to book a visit to the property and perhaps make the purchase of his dream home. See more about real estate marketing, here.




Today, it is through the Internet that we can pass on as much information as possible to our customers, without a first physical contact. Technology has evolved to become the best ally for both sellers and buyers in transactions. It's increasingly easy to find what you want in the comfort of your home at any time or day of the week. The knowledge and correct use of multimedia are what make any company in the virtual world stand out.


Casas do Barlavento privileges the online to reach all those who wish to find their dream home, and with the new reality in which we are living now, this will be the way chosen to ensure the safety of all.