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Is real estate marketing important?

Have you ever wondered how important marketing is in promoting the sale of your home? We now explain the advantages of doing so by following some real estate marketing rules.



Know the various types of marketing that can favour the promotion of your property. Learn how to get the ad to reach the right people, choose the right approach for each type of target audience. In social networks, it is essential to highlight your property, as there is much competition in this sector, so to combat this fact, be creative. If that's not your forte, consider speaking with a real estate agency, they'll be able to do it for you.


Photographs are undoubtedly a strong point on social networks. The first photo in the ad is always the most important, it is the one that will make the potential client interested in the property. There are some rules regarding the ad photos you should follow, they are:


  1. Horizontal photography

The first photography must always present itself horizontally and never vertically. If you do this, you may be cutting off the size of the room and give the feeling that the house is small to the possible buyer.


  1. Division of Interest

The first photograph should always be one of the most attractive places in the house. Never start an ad with bathroom photos, avoid the bedrooms or even the common parts of the building if it’s an apartment. The house plan isn't also a good option, most people don't know how to interpret it and will soon lose interest. Consider photographing the house façade in the first place, or even the view from one balcony if the view is worthy.


  1. Lighting

The room you choose for the first ad photo must be well lit. Choose the living room if there are large windows and high sun exposure. Excellent lighting gives the feeling of amplitude, so this tip is valid for each photo you take.


  1. Furniture

Through the photos, the possible buyer will inevitably idealize his own house. If the first photo focuses only on furniture, this is unlikely to happen. Try to take advantage of the rooms, and retract them from angles that capture the full room amplitude.


  1. Colours

Bright colours stand out if the ad is published on social networks or real estate channels, even more. Each colour provides a sensation and should be applied properly to create the sensation of comfort to the potential buyer. The colour green transmits serenity and relaxation, while the colour blue, confidence. (learn how to prepare your home, here)


Besides the visual, which we can show in the photographs, it is convenient to know how to communicate the right message through the ad description. The more technical information the ad has, the faster the potential buyer will decide to visit the home. Describe the potential of the property well, and understand to whom the ad will be addressed. That is, if the typology of the property is one bedroom, the house will never be ideal for a large family. If the property has too many stairs, it may be more suitable for young families. Know who your target audience might be and adjust the description to these types of people.

The real estate digital marketing has its benefits, but it shouldn't work alone. Outbound marketing is still important and reaches many people. For those who don't know what this kind of marketing is, it's all offline marketing. The signs that say "for sale" next to the houses are a good example or even the television ads. They give more direct information to the consumer and reach all age groups. The disadvantage of outbound marketing to digital marketing will always be the interaction between the seller and the customer. For this kind of marketing where there is active interaction, you should know how to answer any question, demonstrating confidence in what you are selling. Do some research on the surrounding market, and be fair with the property price. (learn more about this and other subjects, here)

It is proved the property research begins on the Internet, 71% of people start their search through this tool. Invest in this tool with the possibility of reaching the buyer in record time.


Casas do Barlavento has all these valences always intending to ensure valid and fast business for both parties.