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Energy Certificate

The major objective of Energy Certification is to inform the rate of energy consumption, indicating the efficiency of the property, as well as informing the improvements that can be taking place to reduce the energy consumption.

Member countries of European Union are highly dependent on oil. On the other hand, with signature of the “Quioto Protocol”, most of those countries are obligated to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Regarding the satisfaction on those issues, it was created a European Union Directive, which was transposed to Portuguese Law, to reduce the consumption of oil and carbon dioxide emissions.

The proclaimed Energetic Certification developed a classification, rated from A-F, which allows distinguish the most efficient properties from the common, regarding energy consumption.

When choosing a car, we always tend to analyse the fuel consumption; similarly, when choosing properties, we can analyse the low rate of energy consumption.

The solar exposition is common example which can be used to this propose. One property with a high solar exposition during winter is very comfortable but, in the summer, it will be extremely hot, if there isn’t any way to reduce solar incidence.

Simply, one property will be more efficient if is rated near “A” and less efficient if is rated near “F”.