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Gastronomic Tour Around the Western Algarve

If eating is one of your life's greatest pleasures, but cooking is no longer so much your forte, find in this article some of the best restaurants in the Western Algarve.

We promise you they’re mouth-watering!


Photo by Ohforkyes – Unsplash


Our tour starts in the city of Lagos, where our main office is located. There are countless choices for a tasty meal in the city, and taking advantage of the proximity to the sea, we bet on restaurants that enhance the delicacies coming from the ocean.


O António Restaurant – Porto Mós


The restaurant "O António" is one of those places that should not be missed for two simple reasons: an incredible view and the meals are prepared with the freshest ingredients. Sit out on the terrace facing the sea at Porto Mós beach and wait for the monkfish rice or fish stew, both served in the casserole.


Levante Restaurant – Porto Mós


Not too far away is the Levante Restaurant, inserted in Belmar Spa & Beach Resort. It has one of the best landscape views on Porto Mós beach, for this reason, the view deserves to be accompanied by good meals and national wines.

Here, local products are privileged and prepared with a touch of creativity, a portion of Portuguese cuisine and a delicious taste. From breakfast to dinner, this restaurant is always open to welcome you.


Chico Zé Restaurant – EN 125


In this restaurant, every meal is prepared with the simplicity and the respect that seafood products deserve. Prepare your belly for grilled meals, in true Algarve fashion and get enthusiastic with every fish bite, coming directly from the ocean. This restaurant is only open at lunchtime.


Alvor is a small parish with a close affinity to the river and the sea and it is where our second office is located. It is in this parish that you will find the following restaurants that give priority to local products and to invariable combinations that only make sense on the palate.


Animus Restaurant – Estrada de Alvor


At the Animus restaurant, the Algarve delicacies merge perfectly with the Alentejo recipes. The concept of this space is to rediscover the casserole foods, served directly at the table. Comfort food with a contemporary touch of wisdom served inside or in the pleasant terrace.


Adega de Alvor – Alvor Downtown


Here, the seafood and the fresh fish are kings! The "Parrilhada de Marisco" is one of the most popular dishes and whoever sits in this restaurant always wants to come back. Discover the interior garden or sit at the most romantic table for couples. The Adega de Alvor, as the name indicates in Portuguese, was once one of the most visited places to buy wine. Open every day.


Casa d’Avó Maria Restaurant – Montes de Alvor


It is in a family environment and with an adapted terrace to both summer and winter, where the juiciest grilled meat and fish come from. It is a restaurant known for its tasty set lunches and the ideal place for family reunions.  It closes on Sunday afternoon and Monday all day.



In the Western Algarve, you will not only find your dream home, but you will also find good restaurants that bring the Portuguese gastronomy to its maximum exponent. Choose to live in one of the best regions surrounded by memorable flavours, charming landscapes and with the sympathy of the people.