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How important is it to have a Real Estate Agent?

You are wrong if you think that a Real Estate Agent spends all day either on the phone, or driving around, or spending the afternoons watching videos on YouTube and does nothing to deserve your commission. The truth is that a real estate consultant is an expert in the real estate market who ultimately wants to close a good deal for both buyer and seller.

For buyers

Searching for the ideal property - a professional in the real estate market can search for the property that suits both your budget and your requirements.

Negotiating with the ownerThe complexity of the sales process increases as it advances and you will need a specialist who not only understands construction, but all the legal aspects that need to be dealt with and, someone who will also be able to negotiate the most appropriate price to pay for a property in the current market.

Knowledge - The role of the Real Estate Agent is to provide you with all their experience of the market in order to save you time and to enable you to achieve a safe and fair deal.

Bureaucracy - the Real Estate Agent can refer you to a trusted bank if you require funding. He will also be able to help you with all of the bureaucracies required before going to the final deed.


For sellers

Market experience - by knowing the local real estate market, a Real Estate Agent will be able to properly appraise your property so that it is put on the market at a fair price.

Marketing strategy – Casas do Barlavento will present you with a plan to promote your property, which involves placing a professional advertisement on national and international real estate portals, as well as making videos and taking professional photographs of your home using home staging techniques. Casas do Barlavento will use all the necessary tools to put your property on the market under the best possible conditions and within the shortest time possible.

Contacts - Do not overlook the portfolio of clients’ a real estate consultant will have which could very well include the potential buyer of your property.

The whole process will be made easier for you and will be based on the security of having a professional who understands your aims and intentions and works towards a good outcome. The most important thing for Casas do Barlavento is that both parties are satisfied.