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How to Make Space in Your Home

The reality of the interior space of the houses has been changing over the years. The large number of vertical constructions has made each space in our houses smaller. This reality brought new challenges to the interior designers, who today are struggling with the design of functional and welcoming spaces in small rooms.


Is this a problem you regularly try to solve? Follow some of the tricks and tips we have gathered in this article. We guarantee that your home will be more functional, spacious and welcoming.



Custom furnished office


Not all houses have a space solely for the office. It is, therefore, necessary to create this working space from scratch, within a well-lit and quiet room.


The focus is on custom furniture. Why? Because it simplifies life and there is a real use of the reduced space we have. The first suggestion would be to "build" your office in the bedroom or living room. In other words, a space that integrates the television at home, so that you can share the work area with the leisure space, through a double-sided bookcase, adequate for dividing environments. Hang the TV on one side, and on the other a desk with as many shelves as possible to store books, folders and documents.


The second suggestion is, also with custom furniture, having the office next to a window where you can put a suspended desk that fills this space, which is sometimes unused.


Photo by Aleksi Tappura – Unsplash


Bedroom with multifunctional furniture


In small areas, every inch is worth gold, especially spaces under the furniture. These spaces can be used to store objects that we don't want in sight or items that we don’t use as much during our daily lives. In the bedroom, there is always that warmest bed linen that we store away in the summer. The best method is to store it in airtight plastic boxes and place them in these spaces.


Multifunctional furniture may be the right answer for small houses. This furniture helps with storage, saves space and money. We give you the example of beds with built-in drawers, which have the double function of bed and ample storage space. To make the right use of drawer space, use vacuum bags to store clothes from one season to the next.


In the children's bedroom, the play area, study and rest areas must be well defined. It is one of the rooms where kids spend more time, so you should consider how you want to divide the areas, even if they are illusory. A good move is a bunk, in case there is more than one child in the bedroom. Another one will be a high bed with a desk underneath, leaving the other space dedicated to playing. Once again, we highlight multifunctional furniture in smaller spaces. Here are some ideas on how to decorate the children's bedroom.



Organized Kitchen


Organization saves time and space, and in the kitchen, it is essential to have everything you need at hand. Fortunately, there are several options to keep this space organized, even if the area does not have several cabinets. Select the items you use most and place them on shelves not too high to facilitate access. These items can be pots or plates. In a quick search on the internet, you will find plates and glasses organizers that can be placed on the shelves.


Photo by Tony Smith – Pexels


Sliding doors are a considerable solution for any room in the house, but especially for kitchen cabinets. Conventional door cabinets prevent furnite from being placed in front of them, often leaving a short area to set the dining table. Check out the latest autumn/winter decoration trends here.



Spacious bathroom


In a house where size is the problem, the bathroom will always be smaller than our expectations. There are tricks to give a spacious feeling and visual comfort. The light tones on the bathroom walls will help to create a wider space illusion, or if you want to take a chance on something bolder, the vertical patterns are best suited for reduced spaces rather than horizontal patterns.


If the bathroom has a window, consider exchanging the glass for frosted glass so that the light will always enter this space without losing your privacy. The hanging sanitary ware in the bathroom give an impression of lightness and guarantee storage areas for towels or hygiene products.



If your home presents these challenges, know that in the market several solutions easily circumvent and facilitate the creation of larger spaces in your home.


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