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How to Prepare the House in Case of New Lockdown?

The world is still on alert and fears a new lockdown like last March. Although the majority are making all the efforts for it not to happen, we cannot exclude this possibility.


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Now that we know what it's like to stay at home and go out as little as possible, we understand how important it is to have our home comfortably prepared for school classes or virtual meetings. There is no such thing as too much comfort, so the old saying "better safe than sorry" fits perfectly at the moment in which we live.


Do you know how to prepare your house for a possible new lockdown? Here are some tips.



Create your own space


Creating your own space for remote work or virtual classes for the youngest, without any interruptions or distractions, is the first step to take.


We know that houses not always have offices so that everyone can work or study simultaneously. Workspaces can be created in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, depending on your home reality. For visual and physical separation, place a folding screen in a corner filled with natural light and the desk.





Organisation is the keyword for the success of remote work or home schooling. If you scatter your work materials around the house, you can easily be distracted from what you are doing.


Instil in the youngest children the proper storage of school materials and try to keep the notebooks and books close to the work desk all the time. At the end of the day, schedule a time with your children to organise the materials for the following day.





It is important to ensure that we focus on what we do without distractions. The work or study space should be free of television, phones or a window to a busy street. The place chosen must be calm, without being an area of constant passage by other relatives.


One of the most used tricks to abstract yourself from the rest of the world is the use of headphones. They help to break the noises made by other members of the family who are also at home or from outside noises.





Work and studies must be taken seriously, but we know that breaks are necessary to catch our breath. It is important to breathe and stretch the body a few times a day. Reserve a special place with comfortable chairs and pillows on the balcony, or by the window. Enjoy and have a glass of water or a smoothie on your break.



Defining Spaces


Define the workspace and the leisure space without mixing them up. It is important to know how to separate personal and professional life. The reality of remote work is recent in our homes, so you must create distinct areas in advance so that you can disconnect from one and the other at the right time.


Create a play area in the living room for children and a reading area for adults. Balconies or backyards are great places to relax right after a day's work. Fill it with plants, a table and cosy outdoor armchairs.



Take the opportunity to renovate your home, following the new autumn/winter 2020 trends, here. If you are looking for a house with more space to start this new reality of remote work and home schooling, contact us.

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