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Top restaurants in Lagos


It is with you in mind, and the quality of your holiday here in Lagos, that we have put together a guide of the best restaurants in and around Lagos. We have divided the restaurants into different categories so you can choose from those that fit in best with your interest and appetites.


Typical Portuguese Food

A Comidinha (282 782 857)This restaurant probably offers the most traditional Algarve dishes as well as the best regional foods in Lagos. Located in the surroundings of the historic centre, it has a very welcoming vibe, as well as personalised service. The food, wines and desserts on offer are the best in the Algarve and other Portuguese regions. Closed on Monday.

Casinha do petisco (282 084 285)

This is one of the most sought-after restaurants in Lagos, not only for the small intimate setting and local feel, but also for the quality of traditional food; mainly seafood and fish. Plus, the portions are quite significant, making it possible to share. Closed on Sunday.

Alkibir (960 460 844)

This family business is the place where you can try some of the most traditional Algarve meals and appetisers, which are mainly linked to the sea. From clams to spider crabs and barnacles, to the chickpea, meat or fish stews, this is the ideal place to taste some of the best food and soak up the local atmosphere. Closed on Sunday.


International Food

The green room (913 127 510)

From Mexico to Lagos, with a very relaxed atmosphere, good music and the best burritos and nachos in the area, this restaurant in the city centre is a must try. Closed on Tuesday.

Pizzeria Itália (966 207 702)

There is no resisting a good pizza, especially when the base is thin and crispy and the ingredients are fresh and seasonal. You’ll find a modern and romantic setting, with a wood oven on display in the main dining room. You can also opt for the outside terrace which allows you to soak up the amazing atmosphere of Lagos. Sunday from 6pm.


Grilled fish and seafood

O Camilo (282 763 845)

Situated on the cliff above Camilo beach, this is one of the most treasured restaurants, not only by the tourists but also by the locals, for its sea view, the freshness of the fish and the quality of its service. It’s only a 15-minute walk from the town centre and 2 minutes by car. This is definitely a restaurant not to be missed. Open everyday.

O António (282 763 560)

This restaurant is located on the Porto de Mós beach and its specialities are oven roasted octopus, baked goat, prawn and bean stew and fish stew. The combination of the kindness of the staff and the sea view provide for some delightful moments on one of the most visited beaches of Lagos. Open everyday.

Barrigada (282 792 453)

One of the local restaurants very well-known for its grilled fish “rodizo”. This restaurant is located at the beginning of Meia Praia, close to the Lagos marina and a 10-minute drive away from the city centre. The ideal place to have a bellyful, “Barrigada”, of fish and other Mediterranean dishes, not to mention the regional wines and desserts. Closed on Monday.

O Chico Zé (282 798 205)

There are some who consider it “the best grill in the Algarve”, where fish is continually leaving the grill onto the plates of happy customers. It is probably the most sought-after place for those who enjoy good grilled fish, a friendly ambience and a tavern-style location. This wonderfully typical restaurant is made from stone and has extensive grounds displaying traditional farming utensils, small farm animals, as well as a small chapel and an old-fashioned school room, among other things and really is worth getting to know. Closed on Sunday.


Tapas and Snacks

Mar d'Estórias (282 792 165)

This is a multifunctional area with different sections within it, but no one is indifferent to the restaurant on the first floor, or the roof top terrace bar. The nibbles, which combine the best of Portuguese cuisine with a selection of fresh, seasonal and local ingredients are delicious, not to mention the ambiance, the music and the kindness of the staff. This is definetely a must try. Closed on Sunday


Casa do Prego (913 505 038)

Situated on one of the most central streets in Lagos, the combination of a traditional pork steak sandwich with an elaborate gourmet kitchen is only one example of this restaurant’s quality. Ideal for enjoying a relaxed atmosphere and delicious meals that will make you want more. Closed on Monday.

Arc da Velha (282 789 348)

If you can imagine a typical Portuguese family’s dinner table spread with cheeses, sausages, red wine, tapas and homemade bread, replicated within a public venue, then you have the “Arc da Velha”. Musical instruments adorn the walls, such as a Portuguese guitar and a saxophone, which customers are welcome to play. Closed on Sunday and Monday

A petisqueira (282 968 433)

As the name suggests, this is the ideal place to “nibble” on some of the best Algarve dishes, highlighting the best of Mediterranean cuisine prepared with a gourmet touch. This gourmet snack food restaurant is situated on one of the busiest streets in Lagos. Sunday from 6pm.

Sea View

São Roque (282 792 101)

On top of the beach, with a sea view and the finest gastronomic Mediterranean dishes and snacks, this restaurant, named after the beach where it is located, combines seafood delicacies and stew dishes with incredible surrounding scenery. Closed on Monday.

Café do Mar (282 788 006)

This restaurant has one of the most longed for views of Lagos, and offers some of the best options for fish and seafood. There is also a pizzeria section. Café do Mar is located on the Discoveries Avenue on the cliff top providing a stunning view over Lagos. Open everyday.


No pátio (282 763 777)

This exquisite place, in the town centre, offers a diverse international menu from Thai curry dishes, to carpaccio, duck with fig, creamed prawn soup and delicious roasted goat. The highlight of this restaurant is an intimate and romantic courtyard, which is where its name comes from. Closed on Sunday and Monday

Os artistas (282 760 659)

In this restaurant, you can enjoy a combination of the best international dishes with the best Portuguese wines, enhanced with a fantastic gourmet touch. The roasted chicken with mango, beef tartar and also the seabass filets with mussels in a seafood sauce are but a few of the options on the menu. Closed on Sunday