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Why a local real estate agency?

In the real estate sector, the number one goal is transversal: client’s satisfaction. This is the business that «not only sell the sleep, but also the dream». Because this is a business made of people, also to people must be thought all the communication and strategy behind.

In Casas do Barlavento, we have a one stop shop approach, meaning that one thing never comes alone, because the professionals are always at the disposal to find a set of the best solutions to any kind of request.

The idea is to provide everything that can make clients feel at home, with the desired comfort, security and transparency.

Casas do Barlavento is a local company, whose team is composed by professionals of the real estate sector with knowledges of the local market and of the best and most reputed real estate entrepreneurs of Algarve and the surroundings.

Furthermore, the team is multilingual, dynamic, expert and with a transversal approach of sell and purchase services, location and property management.

From the moment the clients enter the Casas do Barlavento’ doors, there’s nothing that can’t be done for them, from principal services (sell, purchase or property management) to other information concerning the city of Lagos, the lifestyle, attractions and other useful information.

Choosing a local company is playing safe, is fulfilling the most specific needs and, above all, choosing a local company is dealing with those who know the context and market, the right people and the most important aspects.