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12, jan 22 | Reading: 7 minutos

5 Reasons why you cannot sell your property quickly


Have you put your property on the market without the help of a professional and been unable to sell it? That might be the first mistake! Find a real estate professional and delegate the task to them. After you've asked for assistance, figure out what went wrong and learn some tactics to help you close your deal in record time.




Reason 1 - The property has a higher-than-average market value.

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Before listing your property for sale, you should first determine its true market value. Do not attempt to justify a price without a professional valuation, since we always calculate the sentimental value of the house rather than the market value. You can shorten the time it takes to sell your home if you perform this step with the right assistance.


Prospective buyers are becoming more well-informed and can readily identify properties with the characteristics they need in a home via the internet, particularly properties with reasonable prices for certain features. It is critical that the price is not greater than other properties with similar features, or your home will not be considered in the search for prospective buyers.


The worth of a house fluctuates throughout time, it is not stagnant, and numerous factors influence the final value. Do you know what elements are considered while determining the value of a property? Learn more about determining the worth of your property.


The following factors are considered in the property valuation:


  • Location - The area where the apartment is located, the floor, the view the property has to the outside, sun exposure, and its accessibility, for example, if it is an apartment on the third floor, the accessibility via stairs or a lift is assessed. In the calculation, the surroundings of the villa or structure are also included. The existence of public transportation nearby, green areas, shopping facilities, whether or not it is on the main street, and proximity to services are all factors in determining the property's actual value.


  • Construction - the quality of the property's construction is also evaluated. The greater the building quality, from the façade to the stairs and lift to the security of the entrance door, the more weight it carries for the actual worth of the property. Another consideration is the date of the building. The older it is, the less weight it has in determining property value.



  • Condition of preservation - This factor is only used for second-hand properties. A property that needs repairs will lose value. As a result, it is easier and possibly more cost-effective to do the necessary work before listing the property. If it is an apartment, the building itself will have an impact on its worth. The outside paint, gardens, and communal areas, in general, should be in good shape.


  • Building land - The land on which the property sits is also valuable.


  • Property type - The number of rooms also plays a role in determining the actual worth of the house. You should pay close attention to the layout of the rooms. A property of 100 sqm with one bedroom, for example, is likely to be valued higher than a house of two bedrooms with a total size of 80 sqm. It is assumed that the sections of the first house are larger and more functional for the future owner's daily life.


  • Demand and supply - This is one of the most important elements influencing property values. At the time, supply is limited, and demand is tremendous, resulting in skyrocketing property prices.



Reason 2: You don't know how to explain the property's positive aspects.

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  • Not all properties are visually appealing at first glance, so it might be difficult for some people to find its strong points right away. As a result, you should highlight the best features of your house. If you have easily repairable issues, such as a missing light bulb, shattered glass, or a dusty wall, handle them before greeting prospective buyers at their initial viewing of the property. This minor care will have an immediate effect on the prospective buyer.


  • Some constraints are more difficult to overcome than others. For example, if the property is near a noisy location, such as roadways, railway lines, or airports, solving the problem will be tough but not impossible. External noise-dampening devices are already accessible in specialized stores. Windows and oscillating doors are two examples. They not only insulate against outside noise, but also against cold and heat, making your home more efficient and comfortable when you first walk in. There is support available in Portugal to help you make your home more energy-efficient. More information about this subject can be found here.


  • Prepare your home with elegance, but strive to maintain neutrality. In other words, the property should be clean, tidy, and decorated, but in a simple and neutral style so that buyers can see themselves living there. Before posting the ads on internet platforms, make sure that the house is properly decorated, tidy, and freshened up so that it can be shown off in professional photos.


  • Always emphasize the house's strengths. If the bedrooms are small, make the spacious dining room the focal point. Show the terrace or backyard with grill and flower beds if the kitchen is not fitted.



Reason 3 - Wrong or insufficient property description

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If you've decided to sell your house on your own, you've most likely reached the property description stage. As mentioned in the previous step, it is critical to know how to highlight its strong points, whether in the photographs or the text. When images cannot reveal all, basic explanations that highlight some elements, such as the qualities of each room, the property orientation, some details of the area, and so on, can enlighten the possible buyer.


Another important consideration is the property's worth. Avoid only giving prices on request, as this will deter possible customers from contacting you.


It is critical to have a professional on your side to ensure that the description is as precise as possible and that it corresponds to potential purchasers' web searches. Enlist the assistance of a real estate firm with a marketing department. You will notice that your property is advertised on more sites. We have skilled real estate agents and a communication and marketing department at Casas do Barlavento geared to selling your property quickly. Please, contact us to find out how we can assist you.



Reason 4 – Low quality real estate photos

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Many smartphones now have powerful cameras that allow you to capture clear images of your home, but do you know which frame or format to use for each web platform? The photos of your property will be included with the description and will be the buyer's initial point of contact with the property. Professional property photos will help you make a positive first impression.


Advertisements should feature a large number of photos to accompany the description and demonstrate the many views of the house's rooms. Villa or apartment exterior photos, the view of the terrace, and the storage spaces, in addition to the inside of the house, are essential. The quality of the images has an immediate influence on the customer, making them want to see and learn more about your property.


Home staging, a 1970s American concept that is increasingly associated with the speedy selling of real estate, is connected to professional photography. This concept is built on quickly and easily decorating your home, specifically for property photography. The owner should concentrate on the most significant spaces, such as the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, and add a splash of colour with blankets, flower vases, or a table set with dishes and glasses. This method does not require a large investment, while also piquing the curiosity of individuals who see the photographs of the property ad. If you want to get the most out of this notion, you can invest in new furniture and watch the value of your home rise. Learn more about this concept, which has swept the globe, by clicking here.



Reason 5 - Low availability

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If you put your property on the market without professional help, be prepared to be available 24 hours a day. Prospective buyers will contact you at any time of day as soon as they see your online ad. Viewing appointments can be made on weekends when buyers have the most availability.


When you have professional help, the estate agent takes responsibility for responding to messages on time, clarifying doubts or scheduling viewings of your property. A quick response increases the chances that your deal will go through.



Selling a home without professional assistance frequently takes longer and results in the owner lowering their asking price. Choose to work with local experts to get a rapid sale at the price you want. In addition to initial help, our estate agents will assist you with the bureaucratic burdens of selling your home. If you have any further inquiries, please, contact our offices in Lagos and Alvor, Portugal at +351 282 780 870 or